V.B.College of Education is located in the serene of beautiful campus of Delhi Public School in a separate building and infrastructure with world class modern facilities. River Ganges (Utraini Ganga) flows on the northern side of the campus. The college strictly follows the norms of N.C.T.E., U.G.C., H.R.D. Ministry G.O.I., Govt. of Bihar and T.M.B. University. Plans are afoot for starting of M.Ed. and research facilities in immediate future.


V.B.College of Education has a well equipped V.B.C.E. Librarylibrary cum reading room with a capacity of accommodating 70 students at a time. There are 6680 books under different titles, relevant to the B.Ed. course of study; 800 educational encyclopedias; 90 electronic publications (DVD / CD) ; 10 Journals and 6 Magazines. In addition to the above, V.B.C.E library also receives six different newspapers related to national and local events, titled in English and Hindi respectively. There is an acquisition of 200 titles annually. The Library has a Xerox machine with a computer and internet facility for the benefit of the students and the faculty members as well.


The Institution has excellent learning resources in the form of very well equipped and furnished laboratories such as Social Science Lab, Psychology Lab, Science Lab, I.C.T. & Computer Lab. All these facilities are optimally used by the teachers and students. Psychology Lab has different apparatus and different types of Psychological tests for development of intelligence and personality of the individuals.

480_itclabLanguage Lab

V.B.College of Education has a well set up language laboratory with adequate resources for number of students at a time. This unit of speech training has a linguaphone, with all it’s software, V.C.D, TV and numerous C.D.s in graded order. These equipments help learners in specializing and practicing of correct pronunciation, stress and intonation. Language being a means of communication compares a system of sound, word patterns, phrase constructions, sentence structures etc.. Every group with similar cultural and social practices has a distinct medium of communication which has its own style of linguistic pronunciation which when used appropriately gives correct understanding of feelings and thoughts. Linguaphone facilitates exactness in pronunciation level so as to make the learners of V.B.College of Education communicable to the rest of the world, when and where needed.


V.B.College of Education has a large playground that is used for games and athletics. We believe in allround development of prospective teachers of India. So, we provide ample space and opportunities for sports and games. We also organize various sports to maintain healthy competition among our learners. The play-ground area stretches over a large expanse of 1120 square metre of land , measuring 32 metre in length and 35 metre in width.


V.B.C.E Infrastructure at a Glance


  • 14245 square metre in the name of V.B. College of Education.

V.B. College of Education is situated on the bank of the river Ganges in the rural area of Sabour in Bhagalpur District.


  • 2437.50 square metre of built up area.
  • 812.5 square metre and 3 floors.
  • Conference hall with adequate facilities.


  • 12000 square feet of playground.
  • 115 ft in length and 105 ft in width.

Parking Area

  • 125 motorcycle/cycle space

Class Rooms

  • Lecture Theatres - 3.
  • Tutorials rooms - 5.
  • Girls Common Room - 1.
  • Boys Common Room - 1.

Facilities for students

  • Wi-Fi enabled campus with 24 hours broad band facility.
  • Resourceful library.
  • 6 laboratories on various subjects.
  • Workshop for preparing teaching aids.
  • S.U.P.W. Workshop.
  • Health services.
  • Adequate games and sports facilities.
  • Adequate number of classrooms for students.


  • 6680 books on education. (approx)
  • 800 educational encyclopedias. (approx)
  • 90 electronic publications (DVD/CD). (approx)
  • 10 journals. (approx)
  • 6 magazines. (approx)


  • Language Lab.
  • Social Science Lab.
  • Psychology Lab.
  • Science Lab.
  • ICT & Computer Lab.
  • Mathematics Lab.