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From The Secretary's desk

 Dr. Arunima Chakraborty
"Knowledge is not limited by time, neither bound by anxiety but is a lifetime effort of learning by exploration, invention, realizaiton and experiences."

"Our education should be robust enough to reduce the smallest difference between weak and exemplary. India needs a telling reform that can survive at least for a couple of centuries in the wake of diminishing boundaries of Nation."

 This statement of mine I truly believe, my team honestly professes and practices.

 Dr. Arunima Chakraborty



From The Principal Incharge's desk

Dr.Usha Singh

Success is the ultimate goal in everything we do in life and there are three ingredients for success: Ability, Motivation and Attitude. Ability is what one is capable of doing. The Almighty has bestowed on each one of us numerous & precious talents. Some we are aware of, others we are not. Some we will develop but many others lie dormant in us. It is motivation that determines that what we do. It is the driving force behind our every endeavor; it is the wind in our sail and the fuel in our engines. And of course it is the Attitude that determines how we do it. Attitude is the mind’s paint brush. It can colour any situation to make it attractive and motivate us into action. May we all have the wisdom to discern our abilities and be motivated enough to give our very best in all we do and have the right attitude which will lead us to success.

Dr. Usha Singh

Thought of the day


“In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.”

~ Dalai Lama